The ball is pumped

09. Jul 2015

The ball is pumped


The brand new Dana Cup ball is pumped and ready to be kicked for the very first time.

Adidas and Dana Cup have worked together to find the perfect ball for the 2.775 games that will be played at the Dana Cup 2015. FIFA has also played a part by approving the ball. 

It is a smart and classic 32 panel football with a seamless upper built up from the outside. 

The Adidas ball with our Dana Cup logo is designed the same as the official match ball Conext 15O MB, which is used at different FIFA tournaments.

There is purchased 300 balls for the games that will be played on 64 fields. A third of the balls are a size 4 and two thirds are size 5.

The Dana Cup ball is ready, the Dana Cup is ready and now we are just waiting for you all to turn up and perform your best when the first footballs are kicked at the Dana Cup this summer. 

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