Dana Cup App 2015

13. Jul 2015
dc app

Dana Cup App


Remember to download our Dana Cup App, when you are visiting the Dana Cup!

As we strive to do our best for the environment and save papir and at the same time deliver important information to you, we have choosen to do so via your mobile, iPad or tablet. 

Download our Dana Cup App to your iPhone/iPad or Android today – click here.

You will easily find our contact information, latest news, playing fields with maps, school addresses, information, tournament schedule, PUSH messages and much more. 

There is free Wi-Fi in the Dana Cup center area, in and around HALLEN Park Vendia (Vendiahallen), FiberHallen and the nearest playing fields.

To log onto the wireless internet you use the following information:

Username: DanaCup

Password: danacup2015

The wireless internet is brought to you by Bredbånd Nord.

On our schools and other places where Dana Cup is responsible for accommodation there is also free Wi-Fi, see here.

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