Delayed on the way to Dana Cup

20. Jul 2015
Stena Jutlandica

 Delayed on the way to Dana Cup

 Around 400-500 young football players and coaches, who are to participate in Dana Cup from Monday evening, have been delayed in Gothenburg, Sweden. The ferry, Stena Jutlandica, which should have sailed Sunday morning, collided with a tanker close to the harbour of Gothenburg Sunday night.

Despite a whole in the ship's side, Stena Jutlandica managed to dock unaided. Nobody was injured, but the ferry is out of order.

Thus, on Sunday three departures were cancelled and, as a consequence, 400-500 players attending Dana Cup were delayed.

'Stena Line has managed to rebook everybody but, of course, some will be delayed', explains, the head of the department of transport at Dana Cup, Jørgen Nielsen.

'The players should have been in Frederikshavn at 3.30 pm but now they'll leave Gothenburg at 4.00 pm. Thus, they'll be about four hours delayed arriving in Frederikshavn at 7.15 pm. Consequently; we have been given a rather difficult task having to reschedule the transport from Frederikshavn to Dana Cup. As a matter of fact, we have to be in Hirtshals at more or less the same time in order to pick up Norwegian participants from Kristiansand, Larvik and Stavanger. We do everything in our power to reduce the inconvenience, but must ask people to be patient. The task will be solved getting everybody to Dana Cup.'

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