Town and Guests attend a VIP Evening

20. Jul 2015
BM - PR 3

 Town and Guests attend a VIP Evening

 Dana Cup 2015 continues a long tradition Tuesday evening by hosting a special VIP and Trainer-evening. Here a large number of invited guests, Dana Cup's partners, from Hjørring and surroundings, plus managers participating in Dana Cup meet.

The evening is rather informal and festive. The evening is fairly traditional but the setting is new because it takes place in the brand new FiberHallen. Moreover, the evening will include entertainment.

The very popular band, Bitter Moon, will entertain the around 700 guests during and after dinner.

In-between the entertainer Peter Nørgaard will host his show 'One Night in Las Vegas'. Surely, the fun and energetic show of comedy, singing, dancing and ventriloquism will please the guests from Hjørring and the international guests.

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