2755 Games at This Year’s Dana Cup

20. Jul 2015

 2755 Games at This Year's Dana Cup

 With almost 1100 teams at this year's Dana Cup more games than ever will be played. More precisely 2755 games will be played before the final winners have been found Saturday evening.

Even though the number of teams has broken all previous records, the management of the tournament have not had the need to include new places to play or new pitches.

'However, as desired by the teams, the management of the tournament have decreased each half of the finals by five minutes. It seems illogical that the games have become longer and longer the more tired the players have become,' says Jørgen Dahl from the management of the tournament.

Moreover, as something new this year, it has been decided to have all penalty shootouts on the actual pitch and not in a special area.

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