Take care on the Wet Pitches

21. Jul 2015

 Take care on the Wet Pitches

 Normally, the weather is both warm and dry during Dana Cup resulting in abrasions or broken wrists or arms if the worst should happen. Consequently, the doctors and the nurses in the MASH tent at Dana Cup expect to encounter other types of injuries on a rainy day like Tuesday.

' We expect to see players with twisted ankles and many blisters, when players play in wet football boots,' Jette Nordberg from MASH says.

'However, we hope that the weather will be a mix of sun, wind and clouds, plus temperatures around 20 degrees. Seen from our perspective that kind of weather is perfect for football; as a consequence, we expect a rather calm Dana Cup compared to last year, when temperatures around 30 degrees resulted in many injuries and long days in the MASH tent,' Jette Nordberg smiles.

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