Indian Team: ‘It’s not Only about Football!

22. Jul 2015

 Indian Team: 'It's not Only about Football!

 Having played in tournaments in both Finland and Norway in recent years, Young Guns FC from India participates in Dana Cup for the first time. Unfortunately, the tournament did not start all to well since their luggage did not reach Hjørring. Consequently, the players had to use jerseys given to them by Sportsmaster.

The boys fought bravely and the goalkeeper showed great skills, but it was not enough. They lost to Danish BAMSIF in today's second game.

'It is not only about football,' said head coach Kshitij Jain after the game. The boys will become more confident and experience a new culture. Hopefully, the European experience will help them become semi-professional football players.

'Right now we focus on the next games, but then they are allowed to relax and have fun,' Kshitij Jain added.

Most likely, the small team from Gujarat have the youngest player in class B 19; that is 12-year-old Yuvraj Bhati. He had to join the team because his normal teammates had to stay at home due to problems with visas. As Yuvraj played both the Danish team and the referee smiled.

Moreover, the delayed luggage should turn up on Wednesday; something, they all look forward to.

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