Dana Cup’s Facilities are the Best

22. Jul 2015

 Dana Cup's Facilities are the Best

 Even though the largest football tournament in the world is about to start in Oslo, FK Vidar from Stavanger have never participated in Norway Cup. When FK Vidar's youth teams go on their yearly trip, they travel south to Dana Cup.

'The facilities we experience at Dana Cup are the best. We stay in a school very close to the centre area. We have lived here for many years and, moreover, here – with nine teams - we have our own area of the school with great facilities for both players and managers,' states Gaute Meling, who is in charge of the 900 players in the youth department. FK Vidar have brought along eight boys teams and one girls team.

FK Vidar is one of many clubs in the area around Stavanger. Biggest and best know is Viking that plays in the best Norwegian league, tippeliga.

FK Vidar was founded in 1906 as the language in Norway still was Danish. The club's best team play in the 2nd division, but for a short period in the 1990's they played in the second best league. Gaute Meling says that FK Vidar would like to play in the 1st division again, but it would mean a lot of extra costs. Especially, in an area with many football clubs like, for instance, Viking and the ice hockey club Stavanger Oilers it might be rather difficult to find enough sponsors in order to offer the players in the first division contracts; something they have to do according to the rules of the Football Association of Norway.

'We focus mostly on amateurs, but we are also proud if we are able to help players play at the highest level. Consequently, we use young players, who are 17-18 years old, in our best team. The best know player from FK Vidar is Brede Hangeland, who has played for FC Copenhagen and now plays for Crystal Palace in England.

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