FK Vidar in Good Company

22. Jul 2015

 FK Vidar in Good Company

 At the traditional VIP-event at Dana Cup, FK Vidar from Stavanger was in good company. Thus, the club is now officially a member of the small group of clubs called Club 200 together with Hinna Fotball and Byåsen IL – throughout the years all three Norwegian clubs have sent 200 or more teams to the third largest youth football tournament in the world.

'In 1982 we participated in Dana Cup for the very first time and we have been here every year since,' explains Gaute Meling, who is in charge of the youth department in the club, plus responsible for the huge delegation of players and managers during Dana Cup 2015. Moreover, he has participated in Dana Cup every year since 1998.

FK Vidar has been in seven A-finals and in 2008, 2009 and 2010 FC Vidar was best club at Dana Cup – that is the club with the best results that year.

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