A Team to Watch

23. Jul 2015

 A Team to Watch

 These days one can see a lot of entertaining football on the pitches at Dana Cup. Nevertheless, one should find the time to watch Lizzy FC from Accra in Ghana, if one wants to watch entertaining football. The boys from Lizzy FC participate in class B 15. Actually, former France football captain Marcel Desailly put up the Lizzy Sports Complex.

'We are here at Dana Cup because we hope to win,' states coach Kofi Twumasi. Thus, with nine points and an aggregate of 12-0, the team in class B 15 won the group. Lizzy FC is in Europe for three weeks in order to participate in Gothia Cup and Dana Cup. Moreover, the club sees the trip as a great opportunity for the boys to really get to know each other.

'The players are not just from the city of Ghana, but from the outside area; moreover, we also have players from abroad like Lebanon and the USA, but they have school in Ghana', coach Kofi Twumasi explains.

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