Only One Dutch Club in the Tournament

23. Jul 2015

 Only One Dutch Club in the Tournament

 H.C.S.C. is the only club from Holland participating in this year's Dana Cup. They have teams in class B 15 and in class B 17. Due to tournaments in Holland and in the neighbouring countries, not that many Dutch clubs come to Dana Cup. However, H.C.S.C. has participated many times.

'Playing football at Dana Cup gives the boys a different kind of challenge. In particular, the Scandinavian teams are hard to play against since they are physically strong. In Holland we focus more on tactics and skills,' says Tim Kuurman, who coaches B 15.

'However, it has been a great experience to face different opponents. The team has learned gradually and found a new way to tackle physically strong teams,' Tim Kuurman underlines. Nevertheless, on Thursday the team lost their first match in the knockout stage in the A end game. Thus, the players now plan to support the club's other team but, of course, they will find time to relax and visit the discotheque.

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