G16 Finals 2015

25. Jul 2015

 Egersunds IK (NOR) - Lake Norman SC Eclip (USA) 0 - 4 (0 - 1)

 In reality, the America team laid the foundations on which the victory was built from the very first whistle. From the start of the game Lake Norman put pressure on the Norwegian girls and, consequently, most of the game was played on Egersund's half of the pitch, but Lake Norman's dominance did not result in that many goal scoring chances.

When Lake Norman went ahead 1-0 on penalty five minutes before half time, things changed and just half-a-minute into the second half the game was more or less over as the Americans scored again.

Then the Americans stepped up the pressure and after five minutes they went ahead 3-0 on a shot from the distance. However, one has to credit Egersund for fighting on. Egersund even hit the post, but as Lake Norman went ahead 4-0 everybody definitely knew the winners.

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