G15 Finals 2015

25. Jul 2015

 Bønes IL (NOR) - Forus & Gausel IL (NOR) 0 - 2 (0 - 0)

 The captain of Forus & Gausel became the most popular girl just five minutes into the second half as she scored against Bønes. And as Forus & Gausel went ahead 2-0 only two minutes later, it was hard to picture Bønes winning the game.

The first half was characterised by a lot of kick and rush. Quite often the ball was kicked over the side-line making it hard for both teams to play organised football. Too many balls were passed to the opponents and, consequently, Forus & Gausel were very happy when they finally scored.

All in all, Forus & Gausel deserved to win as they had hit the crossbar and post.

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