G14 Finals 2015

25. Jul 2015

 Ottestad IL (NOR) - Haugar SK (NOR) 1 - 3 (0 - 1)

 The two Norwegian teams from Ottestad and Haugar played one of today's most entertaining finals. Even though Haugar won a clear victory, both teams can be proud. Ottestad fought hard believing in victory to the very last whistle and, as a consequence, the spectators saw a great game.

Nevertheless, Haugar went ahead 1-0 after ten minutes of play and just five minutes later the team's physically strong striker scored a beautiful goal via the crossbar.

Behind 0-2 Ottestad tried everything and, eventually, the team managed to score on a free kick. However, ten minutes before the end of the game Haugar's sole striker scored a second, hereby, deciding a brilliant game.

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