B16 Finals 2015

25. Jul 2015

 Hinna FB (NOR) - Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) 4 - 6 efter straffesparkskonkurrence (1 - 0)

 Hinna did not plan to surrender to the traditionally strong Brazilians from Pequeninos do Jockey. The Norwegians started the game rather unimpressed and, consequently, Hinna deservedly went ahead 1-0 after 22 minutes of play on a great long distance shot.

The game was intense and very even. However, it lacked the big highlights and it took an unlucky Norwegian own goal before Pequeninos do Jockey equalised at the end of the second half. Since they did not score again, the game went into extra time and here the Brazilian players put Hinna under a lot of pressure. As a consequence, Pequeninos do Jockey hit the crossbar twice in the 60th minute.

On the other hand, the Brazilian players were very good at taking penalties. Five shorts and five goals; and as Hinna missed the first penalty, Pequeninos do Jockey won gold.

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