New Dana Cup video!

08. Jan 2016
video 2016

New Dana Cup video!


A new video aimed at sharpening your appetite to take part in the Dana Cup 2016 and future tournaments has just been edited and is ready to go.  

Dana Cup's fantastic partner Gistrup Film had a huge task ahead of them during the Dana Cup week in 2015. The numerous number of new structures needed to be recorded. 

New stadium – Bredbånd Nord Arena – new dining hall – FiberHallen – new event area etc. all of these needed to be included in the video.

Throughout 2016 and in the years to come, the new video will be reguarly updated with new experiences.

The new video will be downloaded onto our USB devices and shared all around the World at trade shows, promotional events etc.

You can experience the new video here

Enter the Dana Cup Hjørring here

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