Dana Cup is also a social experience

22. Jan 2016
DC NSCAA social

Photo: Jette Andersen, Moya Dodd and Alison Leigh Forman

Dana Cup is also a social experience


- It is an amazing experience for 20.000 young players when they participate in the Dana Cup in Hjørring and at the same time a healthly social experience when different cultures meet in and around the football fields.

This is confirmed by one of the three female members of FIFA'S Executive Committee the Australian lawyer, Moya Dodd who dropped in to say hello to Director Jette Andersen and Alison Leigh Forman at the Dana Cup stand at the NSCAA Convention in Baltimore.

The Dana Cup is present at the huge American event to secure participants for the tournament in Hjørring. 

Apart from being a member of FIFA's Committee, Moya Dodd is also the Vice President of the Asian Football Confederation and she knows the Dana Cup through her old national team mate Alison Leigh Forman.

Over six years they meet at different times playing for the Australian Women's National Team.

- It is very important that young people get the opportunity to meet and play football against each other in a period when you never really know if you will be a great player or just a football player, says Moya Dodd.

- In this period of time they need the social aspect of the game and it is truely a benefit for them when they get older and more aware of football. 

- The value of getting to know other people and their cultures is invaluable and the Dana Cup is exactly the right place for the young people to learn and gain experiences for a lifetime. 

The Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring are following Moya Dodd closely and her idealistic gender equality work within FIFA. Our womens club in Hjørring is behind the Australian and are supporting her efforts 100%. 

The Director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen took the opportunity at the meeting in Baltimore to invite Moya Dodd to attend the Dana Cup where she will definately receive a warm welcome and also from her old team mate, Alison Leigh Forman.

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