Never forgets Dana Cup

21. May 2013
Carlos Benavides

Photo: Alison Leigh Forman, Carlos Benavides and Jette Andersen

Never forgets the Dana Cup


- Dana Cup is an experience I will never forget!

These words were spoken by one of Peru's most famous soccer stars Carlos Benavides who is now a director at Club Sporting Cristal in Lima and who played at the Dana Cup 20 years ago with Cantolao.

This was one of the reasons why the Dana Cup representatives received such a great reception and tour of the Peruvian top club headquarters in Lima and there is no doubt that the Dana Cup is a goal for many of the youth teams from Club Sporting Cristal.

- I really want our young players to have the same lifetime experience that I had. I have travelled all around the World with the national team and club team but I always have Dana Cup in my memory as the "biggest" experience.

The trip to Europe and Hjørring has made my soccer life more eventful. Carlos is an former Peruvian national team player who has won many championships with Club Sporting Cristal. Now he is together with Club Sporting Cristal planning their trip to the Dana Cup and there is no doubt that the boys from the club will help to make everyones soccer experience in Hjørring a good one.

F. Mellan

Photo: Our guide Jose Ramirez, agent Patricia Espinosa, Alison Leigh Forman, F. Mellan, Jette Andersen and Torben Vandsted.

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