Inspiration at Disney

21. May 2013
Inspiration at Disney

Photo: Kasper Poulsen, Jette Andersen and Leo Leite.

Visit to Disney for inspiration


Disney is more than just cartoon characters. There are also huge theme parks, one of which you will find in Orlando Florida, Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex located right next door to the parks.

Dana Cup representatives have recently visited the huge sports center with 17 soccer fields and several other sporting grounds for other sports.

- It is impressive and we are inspired in different ways, both in the running of our tournament and activities on the side lines says Dana Cup Leader, Jette Andersen.

- We are of course not on the same level as Disney but there are many of the larger things that they work with that we can incorporate with the Dana Cup.

Jette Andersen is looking forward to working on the American ideas.

Sales Director Leo Leite from Disney was the man who took the Dana Cup representatives Jette Andersen, Kasper Poulsen and Torben Vandsted on the very inspirational tour and lecture.

Now we will work on the ideas in Hjørring. This will lead to Dana Cup participants enjoying an even higher level of satisfaction at an international level.

Disney Stadium

Photo: Leo Leite talks enthusiastically about their arena with Jette Andersen listening. 

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