Direct TV from the opening

08. Jun 2016

Direct TV from the opening


Dana Cup has adjusted the timing and will start the opening ceremony 30 minutes later than normal - see the schedule for the opening ceremony here

When participants at the Dana Cup 2016 arrive at the Bredbånd Nord Arena to take part in the opening ceremony on Monday the 25th of July around 8.10 pm, it will be 30 minutes later than earlier years. 

The reason for the move, is due to the fact that TV2 Nord will cover the parade through the city and the opening arena live. With the extra 30 minutes, the TV can transmit live when the parade starts at 7.30 pm from the HALLEN Park Vendia and will continue after the news break.

It is also possible this year to sit at home in your own living room, whether it is in Hjørring, Sao Paulo, Lima, Stavanger - yes all around the World you can enjoy the huge event in Hjørring. The colorful and entertaining opening ceremony is a tradition that puts the Dana Cup participants and the entire area in a fantastic summer mood.

Although it is not TV2 Nords transmission that will be sent so far. 

Dana Cup is sending live streams from the opening ceremony as earlier years. 

The tournament partner, Gistrup Film has a strong team with highly flexible technology that allows you to get up close and personal with the opening ceremony in the entire area. 

Gistrup Film produces the whole week and sends out to the rest of the World via the internet. 

- There are plenty of parents and family members from far away who follow their childrens experiences in Hjørring. This is shown from the online stats over the latest years, says Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen.

- For us it is very important that as many people as possible from all around the World can join in and experience the Dana Cup. It is a tournament that unites the Worlds youth in a very positive manner. 

Here at the Dana Cup we believe that the adjustment in the starting time of the opening ceremony, due to the TV, is only an added bonus for participants to have a little extra time with their final preparations. It can be a little hectic when you have to get accommodated and eat before the opening.

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