City preparing for the Dana Cup

09. Jun 2016

Photo: John Robert Larsen choosing the flowers and plants to decorate the city, making for a festive welcome for the Dana Cup participants along with all other summer visitors! 

The city is preparing for the Dana Cup


Hjørring wishes to give the almost 30.000 guests coming to the city for the Dana Cup a festive welcome.  

So of course flowers are an obvious choice!

The task was given to council member, John Robert Larsen, who is also the founder of the Dana Cup and Dana Cup's Honorary President.

John Robert Larsen visited the landscape gardener and picked the flowers.

He is looking forward to welcoming the Dana Cup guests in the best way possible but the flowers will also be a festive spectacle throughout the entire summer, showing the cities friendliness and courtesy for all visiting guests who visit Hjørring and the surrounding areas. 


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