UNICEF and Dana Cup united

27. Jun 2016

UNICEF and Dana Cup united


Children and youth are the target audience for UNICEF's work. It is the same audience that the Dana Cup works with. Therefore it is only natural for UNICEF and Dana Cup to unite when the young will speak and have a positive experience.

This is the second year in a row that UNICEF and Dana Cup are working together.

The partnership in 2015 was very good and now again in 2016 we are excited as 20.000 young people are coming to the Dana Cup in Hjørring.  

UNICEF will be at the tournament during the Dana Cup week, with different activities to raise awareness for the work UNICEF is doing and raise money for their work.

Dana Cup's sponsors and partners also support UNICEF activities.

You can keep updated about the different activities on our website here and via our App. 

Read more about our UNICEF project here and also via UNICEF here


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