Hjørring Strongly Supports Dana Cup

25. Jul 2016
Arnebolt 2016 a

 Hjørring Strongly Supports Dana Cup

 The positive publicity that Hjørring gets in connection with Dana Cup cannot be bought for money. Therefore, mayor Arne Boelt does not doubt for a second that, naturally, Hjørring municipality must strongly support the world's third largest football tournament.

'In the municipality we stretch ourselves really far making sure that Dana Cup can develop and continue to grow and become even more professional and, thus, interesting for football players from the entire world,' says Arne Boelt, who helps to promote the tournament. Hence, on Monday he will welcome two selected teams, plus he will participate in the official opening Monday evening at Femhøje stadium.

' Already four months prior to this year's tournament employees of the municipality meet with Dana Cup to discuss the tournament. Subsequently, we will meet a couple of months after the tournament to evaluate. For us it is important to be at the forefront, so that the municipality can help to ensure a safe and exciting football tournament. For instance, we focus a lot on safety, especially during Dana Cup. Additionally, we have participated in the construction of Park Vendia so that players and managers can have their meals in a safe and modern environment, which is used for sports on a daily basis and then prepared for Dana Cup. In the schools of the municipality we have opened up even more rooms for the players to stay in and we would gladly help to ensure that both Hjørring and Dana Cup continue to evolve,' the mayor underlines.

'Some believe that it costs the municipality a lot of money. No, not at all. We invest in knowledge and wherever I go on official errands, I meet people who know Hjørring and Dana Cup,' Arne Boels states.

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