The Tournament has started

26. Jul 2016

 The Tournament has started

 After a nice opening last night, this morning the participants have begun the first matches in high spirits. This is also the case for the Norwegian G14-team Raufoss IL Football, who looks forward to playing the first match of the tournament on the centre fields.

'Naturally, we hope to do well. Moreover, we are looking forward to playing the first game. Actually, the football pitches are very good,' states team manager Øystein Bjørge shortly before the first match.

'We don't know anything about our opponents, so it will be interesting,' Øystein Bjørge adds. Of course, this means that the Norwegian team will mainly focus on their own game.

'We have two good teams, so we hope to go far in the tournament,' the coach says. In addition to the actual game, the social aspect is also an important part of the trip.

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