Dana Cup instead of Aarhus

04. Jun 2013

To the Dana Cup instead of Aarhus


Registrations to the Football Festival in Aarhus are not enough to run the tournament, the organizers have to give up.

Over the last few years the tournament in Aarhus has be held the same week as the Dana Cup but in 2013 there will only be the Dana Cup on the field.

After contact from Aarhus the Dana Cup obviously agreed to assist the young players out of a sad situation. Dana Cup has opened it´s doors and invited the clubs to Hjørring instead.

The players who had entered the football festival in Aarhus will not have to miss out on their soccer experience this summer.

Dana Cup has already received many entries from clubs that will not travel to Aarhus and there is expected more in the coming days.

There is just a day to go before our official deadline for the Dana Cup is over but if your quick you can still join us and that does not just include clubs that were registered for Aarhus.

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