Newly Married Referee at Dana Cup

26. Jul 2016

 Newly Married Referee at Dana Cup

 Barely two weeks ago 26-year-old Emilia Karpeta-Kubat walked down the aisle at home in Poland. Then Tuesday morning she refereed her first game at Dana Cup 2016. A great experience for the young referee, who takes part in Dana Cup for the first time – and this time without her husband, because he had to work.

'Perhaps next year he'll come along,' smiles Emilia Karpeta-Kubat, who is looking forward to spending a week at the world's third largest youth football tournament. So far, it has been a fantastic experience to be part of this huge tournament.

'I have refereed for eight years and referee in the best league for girls as well as in a regional league for men,' explains Emilia Karpeta-Kubat, who has never played football. On the other hand, she has twice been Polish champion in long jump.

'I became a referee because my father was also a referee but, although, I have ambitions and really want to referee at a higher level it is difficult because I began rather late,' adds Emilia Karpeta-Kubat, who despite her modest height is quick to make herself respected – even among the tall Norwegian players in class B16.

At home in Poland she works as a teacher in a vocational school as nutrition coach and as a referee.

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