Fighting hard to make the trip to the Dana Cup

04. Jun 2013

Photo: Ivan Kakembo with some of his players at the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy

Chasing sponsorship for his young players


It can be very difficult for some teams from around the world to make it to the Dana Cup. It can sometimes seem like an impossible task but for some leaders who have participated before, they give absolutely everything they have so the Dana Cup can be experienced by even more of their players.

This is the case for Uganda Youth Soccer Academy, Ivan Kakembo. He is chasing after sponsorship for his young players and he is hoping that we can assist him with finding sponsorship.

In 2009 he brought some of his young players from his academy to the Dana Cup and since then he has been working hard to try to give the same experience to others.

- I would like to give my children who are 14 years of age the opportunity to experience the Dana Cup. Many of these children are living on the streets and in the slums. They do not have the best lives and can experience horrible things that one just cannot imagine in Denmark says Ivan Kakembo.

- For these children if they receive a single meal each day they are lucky. It gives them hope to come and play soccer at the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy and it would be a fantastic experience for them to come to the Dana Cup.

In 2009 the Dana Cup gave us the opportunity to meet the rest of the World in Denmark and we hope for yet another chance to do this but we need help from sponsors. Ivan Kakembo is hoping that he will be able to get enough sponsorship to make it this summer.

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