International Opponents

27. Jul 2016

 International Opponents

 With teams from 50 different nations, Dana Cup is the most international tournament worldwide. In particular the international aspect makes the tournament so interesting for players and managers since they get to play against teams that they would never have met under normal circumstances at home.

The Portuguese club União Desportiva de Leiria, which is at Dana Cup for the second time, really appreciate the international setting because they like not just the sporting challenges but also the cultural exchanges taking place during Dana Cup.

'For instance, we have two teams from Norway in our group and the best thing is to meet other cultures. We would also like to play against teams from Kenya, Brazil or Thailand; that's what we are looking for because we can't meet them in the national competition,' coach António Maia stresses and adds that it is very good for the group to be at a tournament like Dana Cup.

'It' my first year with these players, and some of them are new at the club. We are going to start the national competition in Portugal on August 14th. We have two weeks before the start of the competition. What I'm looking for most of all is to unite the players and when we reach autumn we're stronger as a team,' says António Maia while adding that they are here for the experience but, naturally, would like to go as far as possible.

'In the knockout stage it is different. You loose a game and it's over; we know that. However, I don't have one Ronaldo in my team, I have 23,' smiles coach António Maia hoping that they'll continue to have a great experience.

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