Gifts for the Mayor of Hjørring

28. Jul 2016

 Gifts for the Mayor of Hjørring

 Although the B11 team of Ahrensburg TSB v. 1847 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, had already been knocked out of the tournament, they had nevertheless brought a gift of friendship for the mayor of Hjørring Arne Boelt.

'Of course, the boys were quite sad when they, after a 1-0 lead, lost 2-1 in the last second,' recounts coach Oliver Zaar. Together with their coaches Kim Erik Petersen, Oliver Zaar and physiotherapist Christina Zaar the young team has travelled to Dana Cup for the first time. Naturally, they will enjoy the remaining days in Hjørring and the surrounding area.

In addition to the gift from their football club, the captain of the team also handed mayor Arne Boelt a present from their own mayor Michael Sarach. Surprised by the fine gesture, naturally the mayor inquired about how things were going in the tournament and what the boys had experienced in Hjørring.

'The boys have been twice in Fårup Sommerland and, surely, they would like to go again. Since we live in Hirtshals we will now visit the eagle sanctuary 'Eagleworld' and the North Sea Oceanarium,' explains Christina Zaar, who like her husband is fluent in Danish.

As a small consolation and thank you, the mayor immediately invited the whole team for a special back-stage tour of the North Sea Oceanarium, so the boys can really explore the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe.

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