Pure Excitement

29. Jul 2016

 Pure Excitement

 In one of today's first 1/8 finals in the B-finals, spectators saw an exciting game between Honolulu Bulls SC from the USA and Norwegian Gneist IL in the B14 class, which featured Norwegian physics, American combinations and lots of drama. After an even first half in which both teams tried to pass the ball a lot, the game intensified in the beginning of the second half.

Honolulu Bulls SC went ahead 1-0. However, Norwegian Gneist IL fought back and deservedly equalised. This score, however, changed rather fast as the Bulls scored again. Then the Norwegian boys pressed hard, but in vain, and in a last desperate attempt the Norwegian goalkeeper went forward on a corner kick. This was a very good decision, because he equalised in the very last minute. Of course, the Norwegian players were very happy, while the American boys tried to focus on the penalty shootout.

The penalty shootout was close as both teams had good shooters. The decision only fell when one of the Norwegian players hit the post. Honolulu Bulls SC won the penalty shootout 5-3. It was a game both teams could be very proud of. At 3PM Honolulu Bulls SC will play Norwegian Skudenes UIL on pitch 4.

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