G13 Finals 2016

29. Jul 2016

 EBK Tiikerit (FIN) – Fortuna Hjørring (DEN) 4-2 (0-2) after extra time.

 Finnish EBK Tiikerit produced an excellent comeback when they played the local heroines from Fortuna Hjørring in the final in G13.

The Danes took advantage of the afternoon's heavy rain to bring themselves 2-0 in the lead on a very wet pitch. Two good shorts from the distance fooled the Finnish goalkeeper, who could not keep out the ball.

However, Tiikerit fought bravely and after a mistake by the Danish goalkeeper the Finns equalised forcing the game into extra time. When EBK Tiikerit went ahead 3-2 in the first half of extra time and further underlined the lead with a superb shot from the distance, the local players and spectators had to surrender to a fantastic team from Finland.

It was an entertaining final, which EBK Tiiekerit deserved to win.

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