G19 Finals 2016

29. Jul 2016

 Byåsen IL (NOR) – Hauger SK (NOR) 1-0 (0-0)

 The final in G19 between Byåsen IL and Hauger SK, both from Norway, was played in pouring rain and in spite of the harsh conditions the two teams gave the spectators at rain-soaked Energi Nord Arena a fast-paced and physical final. Both teams are to be praised for having the will to win, but the final never offered many great chances. Yet, Byåsen came close when they hit the crossbar in the first half.

However, they had only played a few minutes of the second half when a perfect pass split Hauge's defence and a fast striker from the north of Norway scored the only goal of the match.

Then the game became much faster, but Byåsen was able to withstand Hauger's efforts.

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