G16 Finals 2016

30. Jul 2016

 Forus & Gausel IL (NOR) – Kaupanger IL (NOR) 0 - 2

 Two defensive errors were crucial when Forus & Gausel IL from Norway played their countrymen Kaupanger IL in the final in class G16.

After 20 minutes of play Forus & Gausel made a terrible mistake and then the players in green from Kaupanger easily went ahead 1-0: moments before the team had even had a goal correctly disallowed, and just three minutes into the second half Kaupanger missed a huge chance to win the game. However, due to another mistake in defence, Kaupanger went ahead 2-0 10 minutes before the end of the game.

A defender passed the ball to the goalkeeper and when she picked up the ball the Polish referee correctly gave Kaupanger a free kick a couple of meters inside the penalty box. Even though Forus & Gausel put up a wall of players, the opponents easily scored a second goal and, thus, the game was decided.

Early in the game people could see that Kaupanger was the better team even though Forus & Gausel IL did try their best.

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