B17 Finals 2016

30. Jul 2016

 Düren-Niederau FC (GER) – Pieta Hotspurs (MLT) 3-1 (1-0)

 Three teams in the A-finals indicate great skills and this was clearly underlined when German Düren-Niederau FC won the B17 final against Pieta Hotspurs from Malta. Having lost both finals on Friday, the expectations were high.

And the boys from Germany lived up to the expectations when they went ahead 1-0 after just two minutes of play. Both teams managed to keep a high tempo, however, without creating any clear cut chances.

Düren-Niederau FC went ahead 2-0 and so most people thought that the game was over. Still, the Maltese must be praised because they fought back scoring a goal and, thus, making the game interesting again.

Nonetheless, the tension only lasted for a few moments, because Düren-Niederau FC quickly responded by scoring for a third time.

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