B19 Finals 2016

30. Jul 2016

 Jambars FC (USA) – Dynamic Sporting Solution (NGA) 0-2 (0-1)

 Often the expectations to the last game in B19 have been sky high. Spectators expect great football but quite often people are disappointed. Thus, people also expected a lot from the game Jambars FC from the USA vs. Dynamic Sporting Solution from Nigeria. The game was played at a fast pace, had loads of physical duels but lacked quality.

From the beginning of the game the green striped players from Nigeria showed a bit more speed and aggression than the boys from the USA and, consequently, they deserved winning gold medals in class B19.

The African players made it 1-0 just before the final whistle in the first half, and when the ball struck the arm of an American defender five minutes into the second half, they scored on penalty and, therewith, more or less won the game.

Jambars FC fought to change the outcome, but they were never really dangerous. Not even a red card to one of the players from Dynamic Sporting Solution in the dying minute had an impact on the match result.

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