B14 Finals 2016

30. Jul 2016

Jordan Knights FA (JOR) – Pegueninos do Jockey (BRA) 1-2 (0-2)

Pegueninos do Jockey from Brazil have taken part in Dana Cup for years while beating opponents and entertaining spectators. The participants in this year's final in B14 were no exception. It was a pleasure to watch, especially, man of the match, number 23 from Pegueninos do Jockey. With ease, bordering on arrogance, he again and again went past his opponents in high speed, whether they were two or three defenders.

Pegueninos do Jockey made it 1-0 after just six minutes of play and then the tone was set. As the Brazilians increased to 2-0 after six minutes, the spectators sort of knew that the players from Jordan Knights FA were going to have a hard time.

Pegueninos do Jockey were in control, but they gradually relaxed.

This changed when Jordan Knights FA equalised on an excellent direct free kick making the Brazilian goalkeeper look a little weak.

Consequently, the game gained new momentum. However, no more goals were scored in the best match of the finals.

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