New Dana Cup Video 2017

05. Jan 2017
video 2017

New Dana Cup Video


Dana Cup together with our partners Gistrup Film, have renewed our promotion video for 2017. Our video is a central part of our stand when the Dana Cup opens up on Thursday the 12th of January at the American Coaches Convention NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America).

Over a period of three days when the exhibit hall is open, the Dana Cup stand will be visited by thousands who are interested in hearing more about the huge International Youth Soccer Tournament held in July in Hjørring. At the convention, it is all about networking and making contacts, which results in more foreign teams at the Dana Cup, Hjørring.
With its beautiful and festive photos, the renewed promotion video is a good appetizer, as it plays on the screen during the week.
You can watch the video here on our website, enjoy the smell of summer and youthfull happiness!
Use this LINK or just click on the above photo.

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