Dana Cup changed Adhithi's life

16. Feb 2017
Thocks India

Dana Cup changed Adhithi's life


- The level at the Dana Cup competition was very high, so it created a challenging environment to play at which kept me looking ahead for every match we played! This was the remark from Adhithi Rajgopala, captain of the Indian team "Amma FC" after her coach, Bikram Thockhorn asked why she wants to return to the Dana Cup?

Adhithi Rajgopala played in the Dana Cup for the very first time in 2016 and she will return with her team mates in 2017.

- Dana Cup was definitely a major highlight of my life because it not only taught me football but it also gave me an opportunity to meet different people from various countries, understand their culture, got me ever lasting friendships, gained me respect, gave me confidence, exposure and an amazing experience.
- Dana Cup is definitely a turning point in my life because it made me realize how tough and competing the outside world is and how hard one must work in order to excel in their field. This tournament has changed my entire life by making me take football as my profession and it still keeps me going with that fire inside me to become an international football player and bring pride to my country.
For the Dana Cup it is fantastic to hear how much Adhithi has achieved through her experience at the Dana Cup and how it has changed her life in a positive way. Football is, in many ways, a game with perspective!

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