MASH in Close Contact with the Hospital in Hjørring

25. Jul 2017

MASH in Close Contact with the Hospital in Hjørring

Statistically speaking, between 600 and 700 players are injured in the Dana Cup. And the injuries include anything from blisters to broken legs or head injuries. Most people are treated in the MASH-tent at Dana Cup, but serious injuries are treated at the hospital, Regionshospital Nordjylland, in Hjørring.

’We have a close and excellent cooperation with Region Nordjylland. For instance, two of our laptops have direct access to the hospital in Hjørring. This means that we can book a time in the hospital X-ray department directly from the MASH-tent if we suspect somebody of having a fracture. As a consequence, waiting time is less and treatment faster and, at the same time, the pressure on the public health care system is less because we have already assessed the patient and filled out the necessary documents’, nurse Jette Nordberg underlines.

’In the MASH-tent we are able to stitch wounds or give injections against tetanus, for instance. We buy most of the medicine ourselves, while Region Nordjylland help us with a lot of materials such as surgical cotton wool,’ Jette Nordberg explains.

Without MASH injured players would be forced to seek help from local GPs or the hospital.

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