Awards Handed Out for the First Time

26. Jul 2017

Awards Handed Out for the First Time


With 36 editions of Dana Cup in the bag, many valuable friendships have been made over the years. These faithful friends of Dana Cup act as outstanding ambassadors for the tournament worldwide. Participating year after year they afterwards spread the spirit and positive knowledge of the tournament. It is thanks to them that a lot of teams make their way to Hjørring and Dana Cup.

As from this year on Dana Cup will initiate the presentation of the ”Dana Cup Honour Award” and this time the organisation would like to honour and thank four people.

Inger Mostad has worked vigorously and loyally for Dana Cup from her domicile at Dues Sportsrejser in Grimstad in Norway. She is the reason why our tournament hosts so many Norwegian participants. But Inger’s engagement is not limited to providing service in Norway alone. Every year she accompanies her Norwegian customers – our guests – all the way to Hjørring to make sure they are all right. A truly remarkable effort. Congratulations to Inger!
Ingo Müller from Düren Niederau in Germany attends Dana Cup every year with a huge group of young talented players, who always show good performance. It is our impression that Ingo really feels at home at Dana Cup. In any case, throughout the year he will remember us in Hjørring since his wrist is covered with pervious tournament bracelets. Ingo is a real Dana Cup ambassador. Thank you and congratulations!
Sven Erik Jensen has proven an important Dana Cup ambassador right from the day we wanted to get teams from North America to participate in the tournament. Year after year, Sven Erik has met with American teams – even from more exotic places in the U.S. This has made Dana Cup more colourful. Thank you for your on-going commitment and congratulation on the award.
José Guimarães Júnior also known by everyone as ”Jockey”
For more than 30 years Jockey has attended Dana Cup with talented players from his hometown, Sao Paulo. Here, he provides them with school and football education. Every year the “Pequeninos do Jockey”, the boys of Jockey, increase the standard at Dana Cup. Jockey himself has become a highly appreciated institution. Even though he had to carry the Olympic torch on its way through Brazil in 2016 he participated in Dana Cup. From the Gothia Cup in Sweden he travelled home, where he did his run with the flame and the next day he took a flight to join his boys at the Dana Cup. Thank you for your great effort and for being a unique example to all of us! Congratulations!


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