Liverpool Most Popular

26. Jul 2017

Liverpool Most Popular

Norway is the country with most Liverpool FC fans outside England. By looking at the huge interest in New Balance products in the large Sportsmaster-tent at Dana Cup, one can clearly see that this is true. The American sports brand is at Dana Cup for the first time as main sponsor for both Fortuna Hjørring and Dana Cup.

‘Even though New Balance was founded in 1906, regrettably, the brand is still rather unknown, at least in some sports. A pity because New Balance has many great products,’ stresses Matthias Jensen, who has experienced an increasing interest in both shoes, football boots, plus running and leisure shoes.

‘Without doubt the Norwegians are very fond of Liverpool FC and the interest in the English club wear is great and, consequently, it is presently Liverpool FC that puts extra focus on New Balance during the Dana Cup,’ he smiles.

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