Liverpool is honored to be at Dana Cup

26. Jul 2017

Liverpool is honored to be at Dana Cup


With 8-2, 3-0 and 4-0 wins, Liverpool FC in class G16 are well on the way to the final in their first Dana Cup. The G16-girls are a part of the world famous club’s Ladies Academy.

‘The girls are getting some extra attention, just because they come from Liverpool FC,’ smiles RTC Manager at Liverpool Ladies Academy, Ianthe Mumford.

All the players are admitted to the academy after trial training. Typically, they come from a larger area around Liverpool, where Everton also has its own academy. However, the girls do not stay at the academy where they practice several times a week and play games every weekend.
‘The girls are very dedicated to football and, as a consequence, they are very focused. We recognise that the standard of the teams at the Dana Cup is extremely high, it is an international tournament with some outstadning teams and we are honoured to be part of this year's tournament. Ianthe Mumford smiles.
It is the first time Liverpool Ladies Academy takes part in such a huge tournament as Dana Cup. Last year the team took part in a tournament in Iceland, but Ianthe Mumford stresses that the academy would like to return to Dana Cup, if possible.


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