Finals G12 2017

28. Jul 2017
G12 2017

Kreis Cloppenburg NFV (GER) – Minsk FC (BLR) 3 – 4 after extra time (2-1)

The fortunes of battle fluctuated. An old worn phrase in football but, nevertheless, it fits well to describe the first final between Kreis Cloppenburg NFV from Germany and Minsk FC from Belarus.
From the very beginning of the game, the Belarusians put a lot of pressure on the opponents and, actually, dominated the game until the Germans scored after 11 minutes of play. Six minutes later they went in front 2-0, but when Minsk scored one minute before half time, the game changed. Consequently, Minsk FC equalised one minute into the second half.

After 28 minutes Kreis Cloppenburg scored again from the distance, but five minutes later Minsk equalised again, and as nobody scored again, the game went into extra time.
In extra time Minsk FC won the game when the captain, one of the best players of the game, scored.

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