Finals B11 2017

28. Jul 2017
B11 2017

Frederikssund FB (DEN) – Cantalao (PER) 5 – 2 (1-1)

Cantalao from Peru has proud traditions in the Dana Cup. The South Americans won class B11 in 2016 and have won that class four times. Apparently, the Danish boys from Frederikssund did not know that.

They played a great game based on technical skills and a good tactical understanding, totally without respect for their opponents and, thus, already went in front 1-0 after six minutes of play. However, five minutes before half time, Cantalao equalised with a perfect header.

Just one minute into the second half, the story repeated itself. Due to a well-played attack, Frederikssund went in front again but only a couple of minutes later Cantalao equalised. Then the best player of the match, Frederikssund’s number 10, took control of the game. Scoring a real hat trick, he clearly underlined the Danish dominance, so Frederikssund deservedly won the match 5-2.

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