B15 Finals 2017

29. Jul 2017

Trauma IF (NOR)- Rhein-Hunsrück (GER) 1-2 (1-2)


When Rhein-Hunsrück from Germany won Saturday’s first final, the size of the players became one of the decisive factors. The German players were bigger and faster than their Norwegian opponents and as Rhein-Hunsrück went in front after one and a half minutes, it was difficult to predict how Trauma IF would react.

And even though the Norwegian boys went behind 0-2 after 11 minutes, they still continued the fight against a superior team and, as a consequence, they deservedly scored after 17 minutes of play. Nonetheless, they did not manage to win.

In the second half the Germans put the game on cruise control winning gold. A great game requires two good teams and credit to Trauma IF for not giving up and, thus, contributing to an excellent final.



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