B19 Finals 2017

29. Jul 2017

Djerv 1919 (NOR) – Egersunds IK (NOR) 3-0 (1-0)

After three minutes of play, an own goal helped Djerv 1919 against Egersunds IK in the Norwegian final in class B19. But it took 30 minutes before Djerv got into gear and played some structured football.

Both teams tended to kick long balls instead of putting a lot of pressure on the opponents but with two cautious defences in place, it was easy to head or kick the ball back, so despite a 3-0 win there was a lack of goal scoring chances.

When Djerv went in front 2-0, Egersunds had no countermove and, accordingly, the victory was never at risk and the 3-0 goal was only extra colouring for a hard fought match.

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