B14 Finals 2017

29. Jul 2017

Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) – HamKam FB (NOR) 2-1 (2-1)

With two shots on target within the first 30 seconds, the defending Dana Cup Champions in class B14, Pequeninos do Jockey from Brazil, emphasised that the club wanted to bring the trophy back home to Sao Paolo for the fifth consecutive year and 12th time in total.

When the Brazilians went in front after just four minutes, most people thought that they would witness a true samba show. However, Norwegian HamKam thought differently and when the Brazilian goalkeeper could not hold on to the ball, it was easy to equalise in the empty goal.

Then, the Brazilians’ best player with number 19 scored a few minutes later.
The goal spree failed to materialize, but some of the Brazilian players showed great skills, not seen before in the finals, and HamKam was definitely a worthy opponent.

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