Dana Cup buses ready to go

28. Jun 2018
Bus der skal bruges

Dana Cup buses ready to go

Dana Cup Hjørring from the 23rd to the 28th of July has now made an agreement with a new transport company. 

In the last week of July, there are around 40 buses transporting around 20.000 participants between the schools, the playing fields, the dining halls and event area, within the center area of the Dana Cup - Park Vendia.  

We have made an agreement with Jørns Busrejser A/S in Brønderslev. This company will cover these transports and also the pick up and drop off transports of all our guests at the ferry terminals and airports - says Dana Cup's Director Jette Andersen.

- We look forward to the new agreement and from our point of view, an agreement that will be a guarantee for punctual transport in save vehicles. It is an exciting project for us - says Jørn Pedersen from Jørns Busrejser A/S.

- We have previously been a part of the Dana Cup as a sub-contractor, so it will be good to have the total responsibility for the transport at this huge event. Jørns Busrejser A/S have on their own 20 tourist buses that will be placed in route. The company from Brønderslev also has exclusive rights to other companies to bring another 20 buses. 

In 2017 there was a lot of focus placed on the bus transport at the Dana Cup. The traffic police conducted a major security raid, which showed that several buses had problems with their brakes. Some buses had their plates removed and others were sent in to have a new check.

The company that the Dana Cup had an agreement with in 2017, Hjørring Turistbusser is currently closed and there is a brand new agreement in place with Jørns Busrejser A/S.

- We look forward to a more relaxed transport experience at this years Dana Cup. We wasted so much time with bus problems last year - says Jette Andersen.

- It will be good for us to be able to keep a higher quality within the transport area this year, as quality is one of our major goals and focus at the Dana Cup.

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