Live streaming this years hit at the Dana Cup

19. Jul 2018
livestreaminghit 2018

Live streaming this years hit at the Dana Cup

Dana Cup 2018 can be experienced far beyond Hjørring and Denmark's borders. 

2018 is the year where live streaming will be taken to another level - direct transmissions over the internet. The games on the green fields will be watched all around the World. '

Dana Cup is at the forefront of the live streaming. 
Seven of the many tournaments fields will be set up with live streaming equipement. 
In the central Dana Cup area there will be live streaming from six fields, two 7-a-side fields and four 11-a-side fields.

Around 1 km from the center area on field 31 in Højene, you will also find a live streaming set up.
In the Dana Cup center area you will find the two 7-a-side fields, number 2 and 5 on the New Balance Center Court that have been set up at the Fortuna Hjørrings arena.
At the same arena on field 4, you will find the PES 2019 fields, which is an 11-a-side field. 
At HI's arena on field 18 you will find the SPORTMASTER Center Court, which is an 11-a-side field. 
On the centrally located artificial fields, numbered 28 and 29, you will also find live streaming. 

On all of these fields, there will be live streaming from early morning to late evening. 

Traditionally the Dana Cup will finish off with live streaming from the final games on Friday and Saturday at the Nord Energi Arena. These games are filmed with a number of cameras and are of a high standard. 

Dana Cup is not alone when it comes to live streaming. A number of Norwegian media houses have the rights to stream from the Dana Cup 2018, so they can send the games in their respective local areas. 

At the Dana Cup we are excited to follow the expansion of live steaming, that we expect to expand further in the years to come. 2018 is the first big test year for us.

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