Age Confirmation at check-in

23. Jul 2018
Aldercheck1 2018

Age Confirmation at check-in

As something new Dana Cup’s top sporting body, the jury, already check the players’ age when they check-in.
‘Our wish is that everybody should play, and that all the games are as fair as possible. Naturally, the players should have the correct age to participate in the class they have signed up for. The papers of most clubs are in order but, in recent years, we have encountered teams where there have been discrepancies between age and registration. Therefore, we are doing random checks of the players’ age already at check-in, so we can solve any problems before the tournament starts.

For instance, if several of the players are a little bit too old, we simply put them in another age group. However, if it is just one player, we can decide to give dispensation,’ explains the head of Dana Cup’s jury, Finn Larsen, who has only had positive feedback from those that did not have the papers in order.

‘When we solve the problems early, we can hopefully avoid heated discussions on the pitches, where all teams must show ID for all players if the referee requests it.

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